Get Professional training from an experienced Disc Jockey.


If you are looking for disc Jokey [DJ] training courses in Chennai, here is a grand opportunity to learn the trade from an experienced DJ, who is very popular in the eclectic party scene in Chennai, who overwhelmingly lifts up the Party scenes at several important gatherings like weddings, receptions and ‘happening’ parties at many leading educational institutions/corporate houses.

DJ Sai who is conducting these training courses in Chennai, is a passionate believer in the supremacy of music and has made a relentless effort in discovering energetic music mixes to captivate all types of audience irrespective of their age and moods.

The DJ Acadamy in Chennai, which will be conducting these classes is managed by DJ Sai who has achieved these heights over a period of eight valuable years, with regular hard work and tremendous devotion to music to enthrall different generations. He has been training students to become DJ’s for the past four years and many of his students who came to him with no prior knowledge of music have become successful DJ’s over a short period of time, earning an appreciable additional income apart from what they earn in their regular jobs.

DJ Courses offered by DJ Sai constitutes four types of training:


  1. Basic Software DJ’ing:

Basic Software DJ’ing is suitable for people who would like to know the very basics of DJ’ing. This course teaches about different styles of music and how to mix one track to another. One who finishes this course will be able to organize his or her music in a professional manner. This course will not get into technical details of connections and how to perform for a live audience.


Total number of Classes: 8–10 classes of _ hours duration each.



  1. Digital DJ’ing:

Digital DJ’ing has taken the world like a storm and has pervaded into the professional DJ Industry. Gone are the days, when a DJ used to carry huge vinyl Cases to the venues and parties. Digital DJ’ing has made the life of DJ’s more easy and efficient without compromising on the quality of music and performance.

Digital Dj’ing attracts newcomers to the world of DJ’ing as it is easy to learn and has one of the leading DJ’ing Software which is rated as the best in the DJ industry. This course also deals in training the students to learn and use top notch DJ Controllers.


Total number of Classes: 12 classes of _ hours duration each.


  1. Analog & Digital Dj’ing:

The Analog & Digital DJ’ing is designed with a professional approach towards making a newbie into a professional DJ. This DJ course teaches to mix CDs. Students can rock their parties by playing LIVE, with all-time favorite CD Mixings. This course gears the up the student to take up challenging DJ roles in the DJ industry. They can start taking up professional DJ Party assignments and perform at venues after completion of the course.


Total number of Classes: 14-16 classes of _ hours duration each.


  1. Business of DJ’ing (Analog & Digital Dj’ing+):

In addition to the above-mentioned technical aspects of DJ’ing, this training course on Business of DJ’ing prepares the students to look into various aspects of earning lucrative revenues out of the profession of DJ’ing. Students will be briefly trained on marketing, branding, potential charges for their talent and performance, market research and more exclusive details. This course is meant for students who are looking forward to earning revenue either as part-time or as a full-time career.


Total number of Classes: 20-22 classes of _ hours duration each.